A Checklist For All Those Cleaning Sprees

When it is time to clean up your house, there is an unsettled feeling you experience. You are not sure where to start, what to do and how to complete it. No matter where you start, you are always finding out, there is more to clean and you also get distracted easily.

When you start dusting, you realize books have to be put in the respective shelves – when you go and put those books in the bookshelf, you realize the glass door has to be cleaned – when you go and get the cleaning solution, you realize you are out of some ingredient and need to run to the store – when you start getting ready to the store, you realize you don’t have clean clothes and there is a big load of laundry waiting to be washed, this list goes on. So where did you start? Were you able to complete anything properly? No.

In order to avoid such chaos when you start cleaning the house, you need a checklist at every step, to ensure you are on track and well prepared for the cleaning chore at hand. If you look at professional Maid services in Sugar land, you are bound to see the manager have a check list before sending off the maids to their destinations.

Cleaning Supplies

Here is a check list for some common cleaning supplies you need to have before you start cleaning. Though there are many specific ingredients or products to be used for specific purposes, these are the basic items anyone needs to do a good cleaning job around the house. Cleaning cloth (at least a few as one or two will not suffice) – ensure they are varied- like thick, soft, micro fiber cloth, etc

When you start cleaning the bedroom, here are some basic things to check and clean.
Open the windows to let some sun and fresh air inside
Change sheets
Fold blankets
Fluff pillows
Take out the carpet if possible, dust it and let it air dry in the sun – if carpet cannot be removed, vacuum it
Clean the clutter off the bedside tables
Dust/ wipe down bedside tables
Wipe the table lamps
Put the books, creams, and other items around your bed, in its respective places (all of us tend to use things before bed and let them lay around the bed and forget)
Vacuum curtains
Dust the fan/ wipe with a wet cloth if you don’t want the dust flying around

Sweep and mop floor

Add some room freshener

Close windows and curtains Spray bottle

Hand help wiper blade to clean counters and glass surfaces out of reach

Dust mop

Broom stick

Wet mop

Cleaning solutions (for glass surface, floor, stains, etc)

Garbage bags


Scarf or a mask to cover your nose while dusting

Vacuum cleaner

Waste paper

Paper towels


The bathroom may seem small and pretty simple but there are a lot of things to clean in this most often used room in the house. Here is your checklist to ensure you don’t missout on the important details
Wash toilets
Wipe toilet seats
Remove all items from tub/ shower
Place the bath mat in the shower or tub and run hot water on it
Once the mats are washed, put them out to dry
Spray tile cleaner to the tile areas and let it sit for a while
Wash the bath tub/ shower area
Clean the shower curtain with some solution and a cloth
Replace towels if not used for a long time
Check various liquid soaps to ensure nothing is empty
Check for the hand towel
Wash the tiles and floor area
Wash the counters and wipe them down
Clean the door handle

Wipe mirror. Water stains and soap stains are common on the mirror. Use distilled water or baking soda to get rid of the stains. Finish wiping with a paper towel for a shining effect

Mop the floor and replace all mats and toiletries


This is one place that is dirtied the most as this is where we store all things we need on the go. Also we dust and store our shoes in this area too. Here is a list of things one should do, to get this place in order

Remove all shoes and dust them outside

Remove the mat/ rugs in that area and dust outside

Let the rugs stay out in the sun and air dry

Remove all umbrellas and coats and put them out to air dry

Dust all surfaces

Use a wipe cloth and some cleaning solution to wipe down all surfaces and handles

If there is a mirror, check and clean the mirror as this is the first thing to be noticed when one walks in

Get a basket(if not there already) and put the umbrellas in it

Get a nice looking coat rack and hang the coats, with the most used in nearest reach

Replace the rugs and shoes

Spray some room spray or air freshener. If there is a shelf or a shoe rack, place a freshener packet inside, so that smelly socks and shoes are not what  draws the most attention