Company Principles

As a company in this cleaning industry for over two decades, we have seen our share of lovely and difficult customers. In order to make it easy for all o us and not have any issues when our people are working at your house, here are some principles/ policies we follow:

When you call us to book for a cleaning service, we will need a written confirmation of the services you require from us. This will ensure we don't have any issues later, when the maid does not do any particular chore. This will also give you clarity as to what will be done around your house. We take an advance based on the services you book. This is to safeguard our business, as we are not accepting other orders because of your order. And were you to cancel in the last minute, it is a business loss for us.

We do not accept to clean homes where the owners will not be present. We will require some representative to stay in the house while it is getting cleaned, in order to avoid any theft allegations. Even if you are ok with us entering your house when you are not around, we are not. All equipment and tools used to clean will be brought by our people and they will not ask anything from you, apart from water. if they ask for any supplies, feel free to send them back or give us a call and it will be handled immediately.

If you are not comfortable with a certain crew member, you can always share your concern with us and if it is valid, we will replace them with another member ASAP. This is for your benefit as we feel our customer must be comfortable and feel secure when unknown people are working around their house.

Once our people finish cleaning your house, a supervisor will come and check before handing the house over to you. You can make the payment to them and also express your concerns if any.